Zoom talk for Lent

Dear friends,

Lent is starting next Monday and we thought it would be nice to have some talks during Lent with other priests than we usually have talks with, about some of the themes that may come up during Lent! The first talk we want to invite you to, will be on Sunday the 21st of March at our usual time of 17.00. We will talk with father Antonios from Belgium, about how we, as young adults, can practically participate in Lent in our personal lives.
Please, already come up with some questions and send them to us beforehand, so we can send them to father Antonios and he will be able to prepare himself. You can send in your questions by clicking this link: https://forms.gle/md7c2mmERh1qN8vG8. Feel free to ask a spontaneous question during the talk as well of course! The talk will be in English so everyone will be able to follow it.
If you plan on joining us, please let us know, so we can send you the link of the meeting. This way the link won’t be just out in the open.
We very much look forward to seeing you guys on the 21st!
With love and in Christ,
The OJN board

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