Zoom meeting with Priest

Dear friends,

We thought it would be nice to have another Zoom meeting again. We want to invite you to join us at Zoom to have a talk with father Meletios on Sunday, 27th of September, late afternoon at 17.00. We realise that this is already coming Sunday, so we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please, feel free to ask questions as father Meletios likes it when the talk is about questions people actually have. If you want inspiration, you might want to think about the topic of stress. It would be nice if you could already come up with some questions and write them down beforehand so we can start right away. The talk will be in English so everyone will be able to follow it.
If you plan on joining us, please let us know, so we can send you the link of the meeting. This way the link won’t be just out in the open. We very much look forward to seeing you guys again!
With love and in Christ,
The OJN board