New Zoom talk 6

Dear friends,

Christ is risen!
It is almost summer, we entered the second half of the Easter period, and we want to invite you again for a good old Zoom session with father Meletios. Sunday 6th of June at our usual time, 17.00, you are welcome to join us. We will be talking about Paschal joy and how to remember the Paschal joy in our lifes after the Easter period. Please feel free to ask any question you want, wether regarding the subject or not. The talk will be in English.
If you want, you can fill in the following google forms with questions you have already thought about: . This way we will have an overview if some questions are being asked multiple times and this way you can also send in a question anonymously.
Do you plan on joining us? Please let us know, so we can send you the link to the meeting. This way the link won’t be just out in the open.
We very much look forward to seeing you guys on the 6th!
With love and in Christ,
The OJN board

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