Hike Saturday 2nd of October

Dear friends,

We hope you had a good summer!
To kick off this new year, in which we can come together in real life again, we want to invite you for a nice outdoor activity upcoming Saturday 2nd of October! We want to go on a hike of about 12 km (or 8 if we are tired after that time) near Utrecht. We start at station Driebergen-Zeist at around 11 am and we’ll finish at station Maarn at some time later, depending on our speed;). This is the link to the exact route: https://www.ns.nl/dagje-uit/wandelen/utrechtse-heuvelrug.html .
We know there is a weekend from our Belgian friends as well, but we thought it would be nice for the people who could not attend that weekend, to still be able to meet with some orthodox friends!

Please let us know if you want to come, so we know who to wait for at the train station!
With love and in Christ,
OJN board
P.S. Sorry from me, Serosja,  that the updates on activities are sometimes a bit late, because of how I am at doing to do lists ‘:).

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